Planning for the Care You Need at Home  (eBook)  – Phyllis Mensh Brostoff, CISW, CMC

For families near or far, this is a very challenging time.  During a crisis, a family can flounder, separate, and fail to cope. Sometimes stopgap, crisis-response measures are used to handle the particular event, without addressing the possible changes needed in roles and responsibilities, or in how decisions are going to be made.

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How to Overcome the Fear and Anxiety of Getting Old  – Phyllis Mensh Brostoff, CISW, CMC

Fear? Anxiety? These words identify the feelings a lot of people have when they think about getting old. Oddly enough, “getting old” is not an easily defined status. As each year goes by, you actually don’t think of yourself as “old.” Take it from me, I turned 70 just a few months ago!   Read More


Need Help Having Difficult Conversations?

Eldercare conversations can be difficult; maybe you can relate to the information shared in this recent Washington Post column: When eldercare devolves to sibling bullying.  It is not unusual for tensions to rise among siblings when care is needed for an aging parent.  If you need help facilitating the conversation, consider hiring a professional geriatric care manager.  We have the knowledge and experience to guide your discussions and help your family choose the best option.

Information on the Affordable Care Act:

A Consumer’s Guide to the 2014 Affordable Care Act Changes Winter 2014, Journal of the National Association of Social Workers, Tools & Techniques Section

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Hire a geriatric care manager. If your parent’s medical situation becomes more complicated than you can handle, or you simply need guidance, hire a certified 

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The family hired a geriatric care manager, and “her assessment made it obvious to us that Mom would soon no longer be able to live at home without full-time 

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For managing editor Barbara Marcus, who lives in Maryland, using a geriatric care manager has been a lifeline in caring for her 87-year-old mother, who still