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Client Satisfaction Survey Results

We continuously strive to improve the quality of our services. We regularly obtain feedback from our clients, their family members and their other representatives.

Client Satisfaction Survey - cumulative scores for 2016
% Agreed
The care manager accurately assesses the needs of the person who receives our services and makes appropriate recommendations.
The individual plan of care the caregiver(s) follow meets the needs of the person who receives our services.
The caregivers are dependable and responsive to the needs of the person who receives our services.
The caregivers are neatly dressed and well groomed.
I know that I can reach a scheduler any time, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, if needed.
The services from the agency meet my expectations.
The agency’s services have decreased the level of personal stress in my life.
I would recommend Stowell Associates’ services to others.

What are our clients and their families saying about their experience with Stowell Associates on their Client Satisfaction Surveys?

Care Management Expertise

“I was very happy with Stowell. Jennifer T. was wonderful. The aides were trustworthy and good. A big help during a difficult time.” – Fran

“The care provided by Barb was instrumental in my Mom’s recovery from a significant hospitalization. She is very skilled. We were very fortunate have gotten connected with Stowell for services.” – Dave (son)

“Rose was helpful, reassuring and insightful. Thank you!” – J.M. (son)

“Jan H. was outstanding in her compassionate supervision of John’s care. She was a pleasure to work with in setting up outings, holidays, etc. She was always willing to talk to us regarding any concerns we had. We could tell that she, as well as all of John’s caregivers, really cared about him. That meant a great deal to us.” – Barb

“I just wanted to let you know what an incredible asset Susan is to your organization. She has been the case manager for my parents and it has not been an easy job at many times. Susan has been so wonderful – responsive, caring and professional. I cannot say enough good things about her. I really cannot imagine how I would deal with all of the trials and tribulations of the past year without her.” – (daughter)

“Everything and everybody were professional and went above and beyond what I expected. Barbara, our care manager was outstanding. She was very thorough, thoughtful, available, supportive and knowledgeable.” – Lynn (daughter)

“It is wonderful to have someone as knowledgeable and reliable as Susan to work with.”  – Blanche (financial planner)

“I really appreciate the care manager’s competent and caring communication with the caregivers and the facility and myself as a family member. That really makes me feel confident that my mother is being well taken care of and is a great help for me to make a decision.” – Diane (daughter)

“Miriam has been of inestimable help to my family over the years. She has repeatedly brought her finely honed professional skills along with compassion, generosity and kindness to many complex and difficult situations. Head, heart, hands.” – Joan (daughter living out of state)

“An excellent approach to caregiving and family support.  I think best when utilized before the ‘trial and error’ that often goes into this new challenge.”  – Chuck (husband)

“Calling your office, nearly 2 years ago, was the best thing I could have done. I met with Jennifer with whom over the years has been a life saver for me. She helped my Mom but she always was there for me too. She listened and listened and listened. She is one of the most caring people I have ever met!” – Ann (daughter)

“I don’t know how we could have managed without Stowell’s team effort. Stephanie has been very helpful.” – Robert & Doreen (son and daughter-in-law)

“As a visiting nurse, I was always happy with the services of Stowell Associates.  Even more so now that your services affect my own family.” – Ann (sister)

Caregiving Services

“I referred to the caregivers as my ‘angels’.  The journal the caregivers kept was precise, accurate and very detailed.  My parents were very happy with the care they were given.”

“I would recommend your agency in a heartbeat.  I really appreciated how skilled and well trained your caregivers are.” – Linda (wife)

“Caregivers are well trained and always pleasant.”

“I really appreciate and benefit from the superior quality of service we receive from Yancy. Her compassion, insight, wisdom, persistence, initiative and humor are remarkable. We truly benefit and our lives are enriched by her caregiving.”

“You all are a gift and blessing in the truest sense of the words!”

“The caregiver’s care for, and interest in, my aunt undoubtedly improved and probably extended her life.  Hiring Stowell Associates was the best decision I made in the years I was responsible for my aunt’s affairs.”

“The caregiver has made an extraordinary difference in my sister’s life for which we are exceedingly grateful.”

“Excellent quality of caregivers and manager.”

Long-distance Caregiving

“Your staff have been a huge blessing to our family throughout the long years of my mother’s illness.  Much of our family lives out of town and it was always a comfort for us to have no doubt that mother was receiving the best possible care.  The tenderness and gentle skill with which mother was treated by our team of caregivers, was extraordinary.  We value and respect every member of the Stowell Associates team.”  – Bill (son)

“Everything you do is high quality, professional and so caring!  It already is at the top of the charts!!!  I am always so pleased about the compassionate care Doreen (certified care manager) and Katie (associate) give my dad.  They are very special people!” – Debbi (daughter living out of state)

Crisis Intervention

“Jennifer (certified care manager) is amazing!! You are the best ever to work with under emergency situations.”

“The service was outstanding during emergencies-even on weekends.  The care manager was always on top of the situation.”

“Contact with your after hours emergency scheduling staff was excellent.”

End of Life Care

“Thank you very much for the donation you made in memory of my mother to the UW Foundation.  Your kindness and thoughtfulness really touched my heart.  We are so grateful to have had such loving care from Jennifer (care manager), Rebecca, Anna and LaShannon (caregivers).  My mom and I really felt grateful for these wonderful women.”  -Valerie (daughter)

“Stowell Associates made it possible for mother to have a peaceful death at home as she and her family had wished.  During mother’s last hours, her caregivers were calm and reassuring and provided a quiet and serene environment.  Our family will never forget that Stowell staff were there to help guide us through mother’s last hours.” – Bill (son)

“…thank you for all of the help your Stowell care manager and caregivers provided to my dad in his final earthly days.  You worked amazingly fast to put everything in place so that we could fulfill his wish to pass away at home.  It was truly unbelievable!  And, I believe God’s hand at work.” – Bonnie (daughter) 

“It was wonderful to know you were there when I needed you — for my grandmother (can you believe it has been nine years since her death) and now to help me with my mother-in-law. Thank you for being there!”